4D06-2490-Telfort v. State*
4D06-3644-Walters v. State
4D06-4076-Current Builders of Florida, Inc. v. First Sealord Surety, Inc.
4D06-4364-Weaver v. State
4D06-4556-Moforis v. Moforis
4D07-352-Profitt v. State*
4D07-1349-State v. Lyons
4D07-1378-Sabree v. State*
4D07-1795-TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Inc. v. Santiso
4D07-1822-Cohen v. Corwin
4D07-1927-Morgan v. State*
4D07-2101-Gustafson v. Gustafson
4D07-2225-Kelly v. State*
4D07-2277-Cordary v. Florida Department of Children and Families
4D07-3532-Open MRI of Okeechobee, LLC v. Aldana
4D07-4108-Lynn v. Martin County Marine Corp.
4D07-4393-Roman v. State
4D08-450-Tarr v. State*
4D08-735-Reed v. State


* Public Defender Cases