4D06-4076 & 4D07-132-Current Builders of Florida, Inc. v. First Sealord Surety, Inc.
4D07-392-& 4D07-495-City of Hollywood, Florida v. Francis X. Hogan & Michael Springstun
4D07-1126-Lindo v. State*
4D07-1153-Johnson v. Boca Raton Community Hospital, Inc.
4D07-1494-Lucas v. Orchid Island Properties, Inc.
4D07-1758-Young v. State*
4D07-1811-State v. Smith*
4D07-2014-Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company v. Bruscarino
4D07-2129-A.T., a child v. State*
4D07-2603-Muth v. AIU Insurance Company
4D07-2942-Mercury Insurance Company of Florida v. Sherwin
4D07-2979-Aranda v. State*
4D07-2985-City of Delray Beach v. St. Juste
4D07-3332-Donoff v. Donoff
4D07-3349-Doe v. Palm Beach County Fall Term 2006 Grand Jury Presentment Part B
4D07-4539-United Healthcare of Florida, Inc. v. Brown
4D08-937-Ricketts v. Palm Beach County Sheriff
4D08-1262-Marshall v. State
4D08-1509-Letterese v. Dr. Scott Brody & 4D08-1511-Letterese v. Dr. Marc Schwartz
4D08-1752-Franklin v. State


* Public Defender Cases