4D03-4628-Hawkins v. State
4D04-2115-Moore v. State*
4D04-2970-Lucherini v. State*
4D04-3359-Pavlac v. State*
4D04-3366-Inmon v. State*
4D04-4974-Sangster v. State*
4D05-219-Stanley v. State*
4D05-993-Wellman v. Geico General Insurance Company
4D05-1958-Lewis v. State*
4D05-2067-Goodwin v. State
4D05-2070-Skigen v. The Club at Admiral’s Cove, Inc.
4D05-2285-Lucas v. BankAtlantic
4D05-2703-State v. Golkiewicz*
4D05-2754-Tarquinio v. Department of Children and Families*
4D05-2934-Kasdorf v. Kasdorf
4D05-3210-Jean-Marie v. State*
4D05-3924-Royal Professional Builders, Inc. v. Puzzo
4D05-3986-Davis v. State
4D06-752-Adlington v. State
4D06-892-Schuettler v. State
4D06-1241-Carter v. State


* Public Defender Cases