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Beginning May 1, 2013,  electronic filing of all documents through the eDCA secure portal is mandatory.  Documents will no longer be accepted on paper except from self-represented parties, and attorneys who have requested and received a hardship waiver.

FILING FEE:  At this time, the court is not able to take filing fees electronically.  If the circuit court in which you are filing your notice of appeal is unable to take payment for this court’s filing fee or you are filing a petition, you must send a check or money order to the court, or pay the filing fee at the court (cash accepted at the court).  The filing fee is $300 for a notice of appeal or a petition, and $295 for a notice of cross appeal or joinder, or a motion to intervene.

The court will not rule on any appeal or petition, even an emergency, until the filing fee is paid.

Every check submitted must contain the name of the case, and the lower tribunal number and county.

Please see below for information on electronic filing.