4D05-2785-Powell v. State*
4D05-4580-Mitchell v. State
4D06-348-Grandy v. State*
4D06-1313-Fonseca v. State
4D06-1580-Equity Premium Inc. v. Twin City Fire Insurance Co.
4D06-2487-Lavallee v. State*
4D06-2621-Sanchez v. State
4D06-2710-Priskie v. Missry
4D06-2946-Maharaj v. State
4D06-3212-Seminole Tribe of Florida v. Department of Children and Families
4D06-3385-Sallette v. State*
4D06-4309-Brown v. State
4D07-557-Riggs v. State
4D07-893-Sierra v. State
4D07-1312-Smith v. State
4D07-1441-Dieudonne v. State
* Public Defender Cases