4D06-5030-L.B., the Father v. Department of Children and Families-issued-6-5-07
4D04-4790-Flores v. State*
4D05-1684-Magliore v. State
4D05-4698-Woods v. State
4D06-646-Williams v. State
4D06-707-Pitts v. State*
4D06-732-Smith v. State*
4D06-1864-Pastoria v. State
4D06-2172-Corbin v. State
4D06-2260-Lewis v. State*
4D06-2296-Oliver v. State
4D06-2348-State v. Spicci*
4D06-3007-Tolbert v. State
4D06-3047-Venneau v. State*
4D06-3060-State v. Dassau*
4D06-3114-Foggy v. State*
4D06-3643-Green v. State*
4D06-3770-Keef v. State*
4D06-3804-Wimberly v. State*
4D06-3971-D.N., a child v. State*
4D06-3978-Jones v. State*
4D06-4319-Butler v. Florida Department of Children and Families
4D06-4550-Isuzu Motors Limited v. Smalley
4D06-4776-Gavan v. State
4D06-4996-Blue v. State
4D07-22-R.K., a child v. State*
4D07-98-Evans v. State
4D07-222-Jones v. State*
4D07-328-Salters v. State
4D07-468-Liebman v. State
4D07-550-Ash v. State
4D07-908-Young v. State
4D07-1074-Wilcher v. State
4D07-1186-Anthony v. State
4D07-1188-Logan v. State
4D07-1295-Vassell v. State
4D07-1453-Vargas v. State
4D07-1533-Russell v. State
4D07-1545-Scott v. State
4D07-1547-Thompson v. State
4D07-1548-Hatcher v. State
4D07-1657-Coke v. State
4D07-1734-Seward v. State
4D07-1770-Rhinehart v. State
4D07-1775-Labbe v. State
4D07-1833-Crawly v. State
4D07-1846-Pineda v. State


*Public Defender Cases