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4D07-3382-Hickman v. Barclay’s International Realty, Inc.
4D07-3703-Hulick v. Beers
4D07-3808-Giunta v. State*
4D07-3882-Jalileyan v. Jalileyan
4D07-4167-Atterbury v. State*
4D07-4496-Carter v. State*
4D08-361-State v. Williams*
4D08-605-Tesauro v. Enterprise Leasing Company
4D08-1108-State v. Lacorazz
4D08-2135-Gusow v. State
4D08-3512-M.S., the Father v. Department of Children and Families
4D08-3706-Kleckley v. State
4D08-4696-Thompson v. State
4D08-4832-Reed v. State
4D08-5190-Jackson v. State
4D09-203-Vega v. State
4D09-417-Haliburton v. State
4D09-499-Pierre v. State
4D09-1032-Alexander v. Broward County Sheriff’s Office

*Public Defender Cases