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4D09-1052-Black v. State*
4D09-1061-Sessions v. State*
4D09-2179-Sanner v. State*
4D09-3150-Pamphile v. State
4D09-3303-G&H Parker Construction, Inc. v. Capriglione
4D09-3444-Daigle v. State*
4D09-3721-Carter v. State
4D09-3738-BRT Holdings, Inc. v. Fifth Generation Systems, Inc.
4D09-4099-E. Qualcom Corp. v. Global Commerce Center Association, Inc.
4D09-4696-State v. Michels*
4D09-4795-Central Square Tarragon LLC v. Great Divide Insurance Company
4D09-4952-Meader v. State
4D09-5289-Payne v. State*
4D10-1911-Salituri v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
4D10-1945-Louis v. State
4D10-3688-Delmonico v. Crespo
4D10-4526-State of Florida, Office of the Attorney General v. Shapiro & Fishman, LLP
4D10-4553-Grillo v. Clay
4D10-4619-Grimes v. State

*Public Defender Cases