4D03-923-Hope v. State
4D03-4095-Longmire v. Ruffin
4D03-4498-Childers v. State
4D03-4881-Jones v. State
4D04-426-Brown v. State
4D04-1010-Comer v. State
4D04-1098-Federic v. State
4D04-2210-Protegrity Services, Inc. v. Vaccaro
4D04-2359-Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. v. Parker
4D04-2591-Gallagher v. State
4D04-3324-Jokinen v. State
4D04-3390-Arcanum Investigations, Inc. v. Choicepoint Public Records, Inc.
4D04-4302-State v. Muro
4D04-4580-Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Bufalo
4D04-4913-Voicestream Wireless Corporation v. U.S. Communications, Inc.
4D05-132-Ospina-Baraya v. Heiligers
4D05-342-Lee v. Progressive Express Insurance Company
4D05-763-Perez v. Giledes
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4D04-3503-Bass v. Bass
4D04-3518-Wayda v. Department of Children And Families Services
4D04-3594-Vance v. State
4D04-3927-Brown v. State
4D04-4673-Hall v. State
4D05-533-L.W., the Mother v. Department of Children And Families
4D05-743-Joseph v. State
4D05-1083-Shaw v. State
4D05-1298-Reiker v. State
4D05-1408-Palazon v. Florida Department of Corrections
4D05-1671-Ruddick v. State
4D05-1694-McGill v. State
4D05-2220-Gantt v. State
4D05-2326-Graham v. State
4D05-2333-Scott v. State
4D05-2581-Magnotti v. State
4D05-2585-Calixte v. State
4D05-2652-Davis v. State
4D05-2657-Williams v. State
4D05-2665-Ervin v. State
4D05-2669-Thomas v. State
4D05-2762-Rossi v. State
4D05-2770-Clark v. State
4D05-2868-Taylor v. State
4D05-2871-Kittles v. State
4D05-2889-Carter v. State
4D05-3011-Alfaro v. State
4D05-3014-Daque v. State