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4D09-2615-Coleman v. State*
4D09-4448-Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, Inc. v. Messina
4D10-19-Daddono v. Miele
4D10-42-Blumstein v. Sports Immortals, Inc.
4D10-190-Stroh v. Stroh
4D10-459-Simpson v. Simpson
4D10-1856-Opatz v. Opatz
4D10-2144-Surico v. State
4D10-2421-Department of Children and Families v. B.R., a minor child
4D10-2674-Henn v. Ultrasmith Racing, LLC
4D10-3475-Holley v. State
4D10-4161-Hollywood Mobile Estates Limited v. Hollywood Estates Independent Tenants Association, Inc.
4D11-1161-State of Florida, Department of Revenue v. Kathcart

*Public Defender Cases