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4D09-5-DK Arena, Inc. v. EB Acquisitions I, LLC
4D10-1084-Grady Williams, Jr. v. State*
4D11-869-Walter Taylor v. State
4D12-143-Marianne Edwards v. The Sunrise Ophthalmology Asc, LLC
4D12-280-State v. Carlos M. Gonzalez, Jr.
4D12-1118-Augustine Louis v. The Chrysalis Center, Inc.
4D12-1961-State v. Barry Michael Schultz
4D12-1973-J.D.J., a child v. State*
4D12-2138-Glenn Blackledge v. State
4D12-2593-Sienna Ridge Homeowners’ Association v. ASIA Pacific Sovereign Fund, LLC
4D12-2674-Larry Wapnick v. Veterans Council of Indian River County, Inc.
4D12-2939-Steven L. Barnett v. Peter Antonacci, State Attorney 15th Circuit
4D12-3363 and 4D12-3364-Connie Yang and Frank Romeo v. Sebastian Lakes Condominium Association, Inc.
4D12-4340-Linwood Lewis v. State
4D13-619-Phyllis Steinberg v.  Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. et al.
4D13-1030-Gary Lee v. State
4D13-2409-State Farm Insurance Company v. Steven Ulrich and Ragnhild Ulrich

*Public Defender Cases