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4D08-164-Dimonda v. State
4D08-204-Gordon v. State*
4D08-604-Gordon v. Gordon
4D08-1425-Grier v. State*
4D08-1786-Prescott v. State*
4D08-1972-Rappaport v. State*
4D08-2434-State v. Grosser
4D08-2520-Lloyds Underwriters at London v. Keystone Equipment Finance Corp.
4D08-2841-Lake Charleston Maintenance Association, Inc. v. Farrell
4D08-4172-Koszola v. Saratoga Bay Homeowners Association, Inc.
4D08-4389-Mankowski v. Department of Revenue
4D08-4428-Franklin v. Regions Bank, as successor to Union Planters Bank, N.A.
4D08-4951-Premier Real Estate Holdings, LLC v. Butch
4D09-570-Craddock v. Gary Rotella & Associates, P.A.
4D09-633-Haynes v. State
4D09-683-Nova Southeastern University, Inc. v. Jacobson
4D09-1095-Castro v. State
4D09-1606-Ponce v. State
4D09-1701-Love v. State
4D09-1854-Nivcab, Inc. v. Accord Insurance Network of America, Inc.
4D09-2206-Department of Revenue v. Bryant Wardlaw, Jr.
4D09-3590-Maguire v. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
4D09-3626-State v. Labron
4D09-4858-P.U., the mother v. Department of Children and Families

*Public Defender Cases