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4D07-3420-Barrow v. State
4D08-962-JPG Enterprises, Inc. v. McLellan
4D08-2017-Woody v. State
4D08-2664-Brancaccio v. State
4D08-3500-Home Devco/Tivoli Isles LLC v. Sliver
4D08-4555-Cofer v. State of Florida and Florida Parole Commission
4D09-87-State v. Tadduni*
4D09-194-Inman v. Inman
4D09-329-Jackman v. State
4D09-1305-United Automobile Insurance Company v. Hollywood Injury Rehab Center
4D09-1821-Warner v. State
4D09-1889-Madden v. State
4D09-2226-Smith v. State

*Public Defender Cases