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4D12-1932-City of Fort Lauderdale v. Rhadames Gonzalez
4D12-3143-Colette O.deLabry v. David J. Sales
4D12-3509-Ronald Mosely State
4D12-3987-State v. Samantha Moss
4D12-4175-John McDoughall v. State*
4D13-10-Marina Dodge, Inc., and Webster Auto Brokers, Inc. v. Kristina Quinn and Charles Joseph Barbera
4D13-397-State v. Christina Christmas*
4D13-535-Richard S. Hall, Jr., v. State
4D13-1942-Phillip James Cruz v. State*
4D13-2428-Stanley Winchester v. State Corrected
4D13-2523-D.A., the Mother v. Department of Children And Families, Guardian Ad Litem Program and B.C., V.A., A.A., D.A., L.A. and E.A.
4D13-3126-Golden Vasquez v. State
4D13-4667-Ruben Israel Rentas v. State

*Public Defender Cases