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4D11-4898-Joel De La Osa v. State
4D12-3525-Dale Norman v. State
4D12-4029-Jermain Tavias Carter v. State*
4D13-336-Donna Horwitz v. State*
4D13-570-Shirley B. Baker, Personal Representative of the Estate of Elmer P. Baker v. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (corrected)
4D13-1851-Dexter Dukes v. State*
4D13-2366-Arlyne Beth Helfenbein v. Estelle Baval
4D13-2936-Simon Dockswell and Sandra Dockswell v. Bethesda Memorial Hospital, Inc., a Florida corporation
4D13-3021-Anthony Raynell Spencer, Jr. v. State*
4D13-3374-Nadine Mcindoo v. Ashley Atkinson
4D13-4048-Melissa McCullough, individually, and McCullough Law Group, P.A. v. Kelly Kubiak, individually, and Merlin Law Group, P.A.
4D14-2935-Laquentin Butler v. State
4D14-3721-Glen W. Davis v. State (corrected)

*Public Defender Cases