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4D10-2772-Roger A. Browne v. State*
4D12-616-Robert Alvarez v. State
4D12-1435-Leslie K. Harris v. Aberdeen Property Owners Association, Inc. Aberdeen Golf & Country Club, Inc., and Bristol Lakes Homeowners Association
4D12-3702-Leslie Harris v. Aberdeen Golf & Country Club, Inc.
4D13-381-Joel M. Weissman and Joel M. Weissman, P.A. v. Eliane Braman, William Braman, Asianusa Marketing Group, LLC and Ocean Distributors International, Inc.
4D13-507-State v. J.T., a child
4D13-1366-Mathew C. Zummo and Mathew L. Zummo v. Florida Office of Financial Regulation
4D13-1577-T.N.L., The Mother v. Department of Children And Families
4D13-2116-RC/PB, Inc. v. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Marriott International, Inc. and Avendra
4D13-2433-Thomas A. Suffield, Jr. v. State
4D13-2561-Alex Gutierrez v. State

*Public Defender Cases