4D06-1307-Doe v. State*
4D06-2057-Frazier v. State
4D06-2063-Johnson v. State
4D06-2080-Wilson v. State*
4D06-2428-Hodge v. State*
4D06-2488-Diez v. State*
4D06-2741-Barakat v. State*
4D06-2924-Castillo v. Visual Health and Surgical Center, Inc.
4D06-3119-Peel v. State*
4D06-3354-State v. Alhindi
4D06-3393-Pugh v. State*
4D06-3662-Prophet v. State*
4D06-3714-Fredrick v. Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District, Palm Beach County, Florida
4D06-3767-Emerald Pointe Property Owners’ Association, Inc. v. Commercial Construction Industries, Inc.
4D06-3862-Berloni S.p.A. v. Della Casa, LLC.
4D06-4165-Beasley v. State*
4D06-4222-Tuhey v. State*
4D06-4298-Covelli Family, L.P. v. ABG5, L.L.C.
4D06-4350-Tropicana Products, Inc. v. City of Port St. Lucie
4D06-4420-Antunez v. Whitefield
4D06-4617-Alan v. Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc.
4D06-4709-Ocala Auto Show Inc. v. Riverbank Acceptance, Inc.
4D06-4907-Todd v. Guillaume-Todd
4D07-54-Kodsy v. Department of Financial Services of the State of Florida
4D07-380-Kelner v. Kelner
4D07-496-Gallo v. Celebration Pointe Townhomes, Inc.
4D07-581-Ratliff v. State*
4D07-668-White v. State*
4D07-774-State v. Gaines*
4D07-776-Concha v. State*
4D07-1405-Bedford v. State
4D07-1813-State v. Young
4D07-2370-Snedden v. State*
4D07-2422-Nickerson v. Watermark Marina of Palm City , L.L.C.
4D07-2519-Brizendine v. State
4D07-2946-Affirmative Insurance Company v. Meza-Gomez
4D07-3731-William J. Romanos, Jr., M.D. v. Caldwell
4D07-4464-Mullis v. State
* Public Defender Cases