4D06-1046-Ramkhalawan v. State
4D06-3238-Tucker v. State
4D06-3745-Reid v. State
4D06-4019-Marvin Reich, M.D. v. State of Florida , Department of Health, Board of Medicine
4D06-4036-Perez v. Perez
4D06-4570-Ponce v. U-Haul Co. of Florida
4D06-4597-Milani v. Palm Beach County
4D06-4629-State v. Ramos*
4D07-52-Donovan v. Broward County Board of Commissioners
4D07-269-Stander v. Dispoz-O-Products, Inc.
4D07-666-Hungerford v. State*
4D07-1113-Malone v. State*
4D07-1731-Wedgewood Holdings, Inc. v. Wilpon
4D07-3737-Brooks v. State
4D07-3876-Lloyd’s Underwriters at London v. EL-AD Villagio Condominium Association, Inc.
4D07-4152-Smith v. State
4D07-4171-Gallo v. Lamberti
* Public Defender Cases