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4D09-4703-Jakaris Taylor v. State
4D11-2771-Robert Howard Wight v. State
4D11-3563-Rebecca Ann Caldwell v. State
4D11-3614-Thomas Grant v. Bessemer Trust Company of Florida, Inc.
4D11-4105-State v. C.B.
4D12-8-Domenic Lombardo and Nancy Anzalone v. HSBC Bank USA, National Association
4D12-596-John Fitzgerald Robinson v. State*
4D12-1936-Robert Wrieden v. Christine Wrieden 
4D12-2355-David Lougas a/k/a David Lougasi v. Sophia Enterprises, Inc., and Nancy Feldman
4D12-2380-Perry Joseph v. State
4D12-2879-Jarrell Robinson v. State*
4D12-3465-Patrick O’Brien v. State
4D12-4201-Leon J. Noel v. Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission and Jetro Holding, Inc.
4D12-4495-Jay Rock, Inc. v. Carolina Casualty Insurance Company
4D12-4527-Elroy Lacy v. State
4D13-45-Cherryl L. Gaschler v. State
4D13-153-Rene Gonzalez v. State

*Public Defender Cases