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4D13-4122-Robert Burkell v. State of Florida*
4D13-4202-Michael Anthony Company, Michael Paolercio, Anthony Paolercio and Hugo Liberti v. Palm Springs Townhomes
4D14-813 and 4D14-887-Blue Infiniti, LLC and Jorge Diaz-Cueto v. Annette Cassells Wilson and Ricky Wilson
4D14-1109-Residential Mortgage Servicing Corporation v. Winterlakes Property Owners Association, Inc., etc., William Aponte, et al.
4D14-1119-Erik Redeemer v. Gregg Rossman (corrected)
4D14-2191-Andrew Nathanson, as Successor Trustee of the Charlotte Stearn Revocable Trust Agreement v. Nadine Morelli and Kenneth Stern
4D14-4363-Cole Borg v. State of Florida

*Public Defender Cases