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4D12-2446-Robert Paul Brown, Jr. v. Michael Scott Brown
4D13-2024-Wilgy Therlonge v. State of Florida*
4D13-2935-Bruce Freiman v. National City Mortgage Co.
4D13-3160-State of Florida v. Jonathan Gomez*
4D13-3210-Natacha Peuguero and Angelo Peuguero v. Bank of America, N.A.
4D13-3497-Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, P.A.; Mark Edwards and Mitzi Dee Roden, as parents and natural guardians of Aaron Edwards, a minor; William S. Frates, II, P.A.; Edna L. Caruso, P.A.; Vaka Law Group, P.L.; and Grossman & Roth, P.A. v. State of Florida
4D13-4410-Christine Swistock Flegal, Amy Swistock, Peggy S. Keeshin and Nancy Swistock Snyder v. Guardianship of Peter R. Swistock, Sr.
4D13-4696-Philip Morris USA Inc., and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company v. Beatrice Skolnick, as personal representative of the Estate of Leo Skolnick, deceased
4D14-861-Peter Nalasco, Individually and on behalf of the Peter Nalasco IRA, Johanne Lavoie Nalasco, Individually and on behalf of the Johanne Lavoie Nalasco Ira and Loui John Nalasco v. Buckman, Buckman & Reid, Inc.
4D14-873-Domenic D. Miele a/k/a Domenic Miele v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.; Evergrene Master Association, Inc., et al.
4D14-1855-Stephen Fischer v. Richard Debrincat and Jason Debrincat
4D14-2652-Sondra Stamen, Individually and as Trustee of the Stamen Condominium Trust and the Stamen Marital Trust v. Justine Stamen Arrillaga, Individually and as Nominated Successor Trustee of the Stamen Condominium Trust and Stamen Marital Trust
4D14-2791-Online Satellite Communication v. GMPCS Personal Communication, Inc.
4D14-4467-Fairbanks Contracting And Remodeling, Inc. v. Anthony R. Hopcroft and Mary J. Hopcroft
4D14-4943-Debra Perrotto, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Nicholas Perrotto v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Philip Morris USA, Inc., Lorillard Tobacco Company, Liggett Group LLC, and Vector Group LTD., Inc.
4D15-275-Hyacinth Reid v. Rose Acceptance, Inc.

*Public Defender Cases