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4D12-3371-Wilfred A. Brown v. State of Florida*
4D12-4498-Stephanie Aquila, individually and as parent, natural guardian and next friend of Mackenzie Aquila, a minor child v. Brisk Transportation, L.P. Steven Melancon, John Vidourek, Kenneth Fahy, John Fahy and Kathleen Fahy
4D13-1102-Norris Clemons v. State of Florida*
4D13-1940-Charlie Wyne v. State of Florida*
4D13-2025-Tommy West v. State of Florida*
4D13-2074-Linear Harden v. State of Florida*
4D13-3509-Gregory Gun v. State of Florida*
4D13-4036-Gary S. Snyder and Jane Snyder v. JP Morgan Chase Bank
4D13-4344-Ian Gardner v. Wolfe & Goldstein, P.A., Chutney Enterprises, Inc., West Sunrise Development Corporation, Thomas Austin and Mark Goldstein
4D13-4638-Vera De Sousa, as Trustee for Vag Land Trust 1 v. JP Morgan Chase
4D14-28-Michelle C. Earl v. Roger A. Earl
4D14-1048-Meredith Fiel and Lisa Fiel v. Douglas F. Hoffman, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Ben H. Novack, Jr.,  Narcy Novak, Marchelo Gaffney, Patrick Gaffney, May Azaleh Abad and Harvey E. Morse, P.A.
4D14-1778-Neal Jacobson v. State of Florida
4D14-2087, 4D14-2361 and 4D14-3356-Publix Supermarkets, Inc. v. Faith Conte, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Susan L. Moore
4D14-3124-Carlos J. Acevedo v. State of Florida
4D14-3782-Dwight Henry v. State of Florida
4D14-4104-Wisnia Etienne v. State of Florida
4D14-4124-Peter Cunningham v. State of Florida
4D14-4355-Michael Lizzi v. State of Florida*
4D15-706-Matthew Craig v. State of Florida
4D15-1191-P.J.-P., a child v. Department of Children and Families
4D15-1526-Michael Martinez v. State of Florida

*Public Defender Cases