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4D08-2058-Bienaime v. State*
4D08-3010-Joseph v. State
4D08-3288-Noto v. State
4D08-3609-Whitehead v. The City of Delray Beach
4D08-3962-Kristensen-Kepler v. John F. Cooney, M.D.
4D08-4778-Button v. State*
4D08-5057-Kiss v. State*
4D09-58-Desiderio Corporation v. The City of Boynton Beach, Florida
4D09-897-Donovan Marine, Inc. v. Delmonico
4D09-1852-B.N., a child v. State*
4D09-2154-Geico General Insurance Company v. Marrero
4D09-2159-Williams v. State*
4D09-2331-Latos v. State*
4D09-2458-Computer Products and Services, Inc. v. Pomeroy Select Integration Solutions, Inc.
4D09-2557-McDaniel Reserve Realty Holdings, LLC v. B.S.E. Consultants, Inc.
4D09-2660-Shakir v. State
4D09-2941-Metaxotos v. State
4D09-4007-Bank of America, N.A. v. Bornstein

*Public Defender Cases