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4D05-1084-Corker v. State*
4D06-343-Vittorio v. State*
4D07-779-Dupree v. State*
4D07-1061-E.A.R., a child v. State*
4D07-2362-Ross v. State
4D07-3127-Ortiz v. State*
4D07-3279-Glantz and Glantz, P.A. v. Chinchilla
4D08-314-Montgomery v. Larmoyeux
4D08-517-Bryant v. State*
4D08-597-Washington v. State*
4D08-703-Grant v. Lyons
4D08-1157-D.S., a child v. State*
4D08-1517-Leonard v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
4D08-1727-Herrilka v. Yates
4D08-1735-Gancedo v. Del Carpio
4D08-2015-Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection
4D08-2516-Lewis v. Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
4D08-2738-McKenzie v. Reuter
4D08-3495-Stanley A. Hirsch, Esquire v. Weitz
4D08-4305-Walkes v. State
4D08-5117-Bengisu v. Bengisu
4D09-249-Beckley v. Best Restorations, Inc.
4D09-857-Silverstein v. State
4D09-1093-Wilson v. State
4D09-1713-Marrow v. State

*Public Defender Cases