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4D07-3776-Hall v. State
4D07-4595-Monroe v. State
4D08-115-Hickman v. Barclay’s International Realty, Inc.
4D08-503-Verges v. State
4D08-1131-Mowatt v. State
4D08-2012-Yeakle v. Yeakle
4D08-2253-McLaughlin v. Debord
4D08-2746-Daniels v. David Drucker, M.D.
4D08-2839-Cinquegrana v. Rowley
4D08-2877-Carter v. State*
4D08-2878-Brickley v. State*
4D08-3950-C.S. v. Department of Children and Families, State of Florida
4D09-104-Tomac of Florida, Inc. v. Gunn’s Quality Glass & Mirror, Inc.
4D09-1217-Isaacs v. State
4D09-1669-Young v. Verduin

*Public Defender Cases