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4D09-2835-Pharaoh Nshaka v. State*
4D09-3261-Brian Sharard Edwards v. State*
4D10-963-Alfonso Thornton v. State
4D10-1389-Homer Boyd Kennedy v. State*
4D10-1447-Jon L. Swergold v. Jill H. Swergold n/k/a Jill H. Kazdin
4D10-2787-Andre Hall v. State
4D10-3476-Thomas Martino v. State
4D10-3828-Denise L. Martinec v. Early Bird International, Inc.
4D10-4206-The Cool Guys, LLC v. Jomar Properties, LLC
4D10-4350-Kai Uwe Thier v. State
4D10-4710-Jesus Barreto v. United Services Automobile Association
4D10-4923-A.W., a child v. State*
4D10-5014-State v. Harry James Chubbuck*
4D10-5018-Ronald C. Haines v. State
4D11-18-Tara Mehrbach Newmyer v. A.G. Newmyer, III
4D11-44-Wendy I. Young v. USAA Casualty Insurance Company
4D11-1928-Carrie Packo v. Bac Home Loan Servicing, L.P.
4D11-2790-Jamar B. Young v. Department of Revenue
4D11-2809-Janie Noble Simon v. Eric A. Simon
4D11-3632-S.M., the Mother v. R.M., the Father

*Public Defender Cases