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4D12-1425-Edward Jermaine Babbs v. State of Florida
4D13-4358-R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, as successor by merger to Lorillard Tobacco Company v. Kathleen Gafney, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Frank Eugene Gafney
4D13-4509-Kadesha David v. State of Florida
4D13-4700 and 4D13-4748-Francisco Negron, Petita Negron, Cindy Negron, and Shirley Negron v. Nellie Hessing and George Hessing, her husband
4D13-4802-State Farm Florida Insurance Company v. Lime Bay Condominium, Inc.
4D14-810-Jorge Sosa and Jeanette Sosa v. The Bank of New York Mellon
4D14-1373-Andrew J. Curtis v. State of Florida
4D14-2668-Vitaly Alekseyev and Irina Aleskseyev a/k/a Irina Shapiro v. U.S. Bank National Association, etc., et al.
4D14-3262-Lynn D. Reedman v. GE Money Bank and Nationstar Mortgage, LLC
4D14-3766-Travese Woolfork v. State of Florida*
4D14-3799-Ottoniel Cruz and Luz M. Cruz v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association
4D14-3997-Venice L. Endsley v. Broward County, Finance and Administrative Services Department, Revenue Collections Division; Lori Parrish, as Broward County Property Appraiser, et al. (Corrected)
4D14-4364-Milagro Cunningham v. State of Florida*

4D14-4859-Michael McGlynn v. Elizabeth Tallman-McGlynn
4D15-250 and 4D15-279-Ceilia Abramovic v. Dan Abramovic
4D15-325-State of Florida v. Cynthia J. Benninghoff
4D15-806-Rosa Rivera Kim v. State of Florida*
4D15-1711-Willie E. Cobb v. State of Florida
4D15-2210-Rafael Burgos-Vazquez and Juan Gomez v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association
4D15-2658-Certified Priority Restoration, a/a/o Albert Molina v. State Farm Florida Insurance Company
4D15-2688-Marcia Supria v. Christiana Trust, a Division of Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, etc., et al.
4D15-3590-William A. Cook v. State of Florida
4D15-4787-G.K., the Father v. Department of Children and Families, et al.


*Public Defender Cases