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4D08-2795-Brown v. State*
4D08-3394-C.A., v. Department of Children and Families, State of Florida
4D08-3643-Clark v. ODV Holding Co.
4D08-3647-Gestewitz v. State*
4D08-4002-Fratcher v. State*
4D08-4379-Tarmac America, LLC v. Avila
4D09-559-State v. Jackson*
4D09-725-FCD Development, LLC v. South Florida Sports Committee, Inc.
4D09-739-Miller v. State*
4D09-1602-Farnworth v. State
4D09-1631-Martinez v. State*
4D09-2494-Howard v. State
4D09-3215-Lagasse v. State
4D09-3222-American Vehicle Insurance Company v. Goheagan
4D09-3508-Lamb v. McNeil
4D09-3715-Johnson v. State
4D09-5127-Ebano-Soberon, Inc. v. The Cury Group, Inc.

*Public Defender Cases