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4D10-4007-Chad Lamont Taylor v. State*
4D11-226-Corey Bogart v. State*
4D11-1366-Luckner Pierre v. State*
4D11-3074-Julien Garcon v. West Palm Beach Police Department and State of Florida
4D11-3184-Raonel Hernandez Palacious v. State*
4D11-3851-Harry Sargeant, III v. Mohammad Anwar Farid Al-Saleh
4D11-4265-Willie James Thomas v. State*
4D11-4359-Diego Tambriz-Ramirez v. State*
4D12-270-Toccara McClover v. State*
4D12-300-Authneil Gavin v. State*
4D12-720-The Rakusin Law Firm v. Wendy Grey a/k/a Wendy Smoley
4D12-2069-Jerome Saver and Bea Saver v. JP Morgan Chase Bank

*Public Defender Cases