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4D10-1573-Luis Castillo v. State of Florida
4D12-2979-Victoriana Building, LLC v. Ft. Lauderdale Surgical Center, etc., Southern Medical, etc., Risk And Capital Limited Partnership, etc., Christopher Brooks, etc., Darla Holdings, etc., Eric Chenven, etc., Caryn Chenven, etc., Neil Weisman, etc., Karolyn Weisman, etc., Sheridan Health Corp., Inc., etc. and Sabine Hesse, etc.
4D12-4288-Carlos Roman v. State of Florida*
4D12-4320-Christopher N. Link, P.A. v. Anu Rut and Tomasz Rut
4D12-4377-Risto Jovan Wyatt v. State of Florida (corrected)
4D13-861-Mary Barrios v. Denise Locastro
4D13-905-Herbert Andre White-Jordan v. State of Florida
4D13-1408-Anthony Cruz v. State of Florida*
4D13-2024-Wilgy Therlonge v. State of Florida*
4D13-2937-Jaime Deandre Brown v. State of Florida*
4D13-3092-Jeffrey Gordon Hodge v. State of Florida*
4D13-3906-Vista St. Lucie Association, Inc. v. Carol A. Dellatore a/k/a Carol M. Dellatore, individually, Ronald Gabbard, individually, and Carol A. Dellatore a/k/a Carol M. Dellatore and Ronald Gabbard, as co-trustees of The Billy A. Gabbard Trust, UTD 30 Day Of October, 1997
4D13-4174-ASAP Restoration And Construction, Inc. a/a/o Suzanne Casey v. Tower Hill Signature Insurance Co.
4D13-4256-Kenneth McLean v. State of Florida*
4D13-4701-CB Condominiums, Inc., CB Imports/Exports, Inc., CB Development, Inc., CB Constructors, Inc., CB Structures, Inc., Current Builders Construction Services, Inc., Frederick Colandreo and Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A. v. GRS South Florida, Inc.
4D13-4829-Robert N. Badgley, Jr. v. Maria Belen Sanchez
4D14-424-One Call Property Services, Inc. a/a/o William Hughes v. Security First Insurance Company
4D14-576 & 4D14-3320-Emergency Services 24, Inc. a/a/o Jay Meiselman v. United Property & Casualty Ins. Co.
4D14-2213-D.C., a child v. State of Florida*
4D14-2791-Online Satellite Communication v. GMPCS Personal Communication, Inc.  
4D14-3222-B.K., The Father v. Department of Children And Families
4D14-4100-Nelson Baptiste v. State of Florida
4D14-4164-Phillip Mitchell v. State of Florida
4D14-4227-Anthony Laverne Hill v. State of Florida
4D15-516-Yoni Javier Estopinales v. State of Florida


*Public Defender Cases