4D04-1852-Mariano v. State*
4D04-3075-O.L., a child v. State*
4D04-3581-Skipwith v. State*
4D04-4675-Discover Property & Casualty Insurance Company v. Beach Cars of West Palm, Inc.
4D04-4839-Rodriguez v. State*
4D05-392-Global Heir and Asset Locators, Inc. v. First NLC Financial Services, LLC
4D05-1240-St. Fleur v. St. Fleur
4D05-2139-Penichet v. American Recruiters Consolidated, Inc.
4D05-2142-M.A. Hajianpour, M.D., P.A. v. Khosrow Maleki, P.A.
4D05-2533-Sweet v. State*
4D05-2714-State v. Morgan*
4D05-3223-A.A.R., a child v. State*
4D05-3323-Londono v. State
4D05-3374-McCoy v. State*
4D06-694-Caruso v. Caruso
4D06-1438-Hogan v. State
4D06-1689-Ayers v. State
4D06-1790-Bautz v. State
* Public Defender Cases