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4D07-727-Jean-Marie v. State*
4D07-3678-101 Monument Road, Inc. v. Delta Property Management, Inc.
4D07-3835-Main Street Management Services, Inc. v. Eight Sixty South Ocean Boulevard, Inc.
4D08-305-Bank of America v. Butler
4D08-815-Holmes v. State*
4D08-1575-Thomas v. State
4D08-1702-D.B., Sr., the Father and K.B., the Mother v. Department of Children and Families
4D08-2247-Thomas v. State
4D08-2322-Sporea v. City of Pompano Beach
4D08-2643-Brookshire v. GP Construction of Palm Beach, Inc.
4D08-3372-Woody v. State

*Public Defender Cases