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Special Issuance Opinion Released 11-12-09

4D09-4507-Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson, PhD. v. Don Garcia, PhD. and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center


4D06-4362-Thompson v. State
4D07-43-Fernandez v. State
4D07-3893-Sanders v. State*
4D07-4306-Dawson v. State*
4D08-897-Tillman v. State*
4D08-1903-Volek v. State
4D08-3488-Whitehead v. State*
4D08-4008-State v. Hewitt*
4D08-4780-McNeil v. State*
4D09-260-Davis v. State
4D09-270-Escarpita v. State
4D09-431-Nantucket Enterprises, Inc. v. Palm Beach Florida Hotel and Office Building Limited Partnership

*Public Defender Cases