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4D08-796-Aviles v. State*
4D08-1971-Carter v. State*
4D08-2151-The Estate of Steven Adam Tinervin v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
4D08-2210-Raphael v. Silverman
4D08-2628-Caplan v. State*
4D08-2807-Lincks v. Keenan
4D08-3106-Keel v. Central Mortgage Company
4D08-3682-B.O. v. State of Florida*
4D08-4310-Palm Beach Polo, Inc. v. TJ Palm Beach Associates, L.P.
4D08-4472-Dorcely v. State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
4D09-208-Worrell v. Worrell
4D09-362-Auto-Owners Insurance Company v. The Governor of Florida
4D09-1809-Wright v. State

*Public Defender Cases