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4D09-3790-Barbara Graves v. City of Pompano Beach
4D09-5183-Rodger and Lina Duke v. HSBC Mortgage Services, LLC
4D09-5328-Jarod Theophile v. State
4D10-832-Venture Holdings & Acquisitions Group v. A.I.M. Funding, Group, 4D10-1159-Real Investments and Alexander Gonzalez v. A.I.M. Funding Group & 4D10-1848-Real Investments and Alexander Gonzalez v. A.I.M. Funding Group** CORRECTED 12-09-11
4D10-972-Tyrone Fleming v. State*
4D10-1654-Jean E. Reeves v. State
4D10-2167-Adam S. Rushetsky v.Valerie J. Rushetsky
4D10-2407-Atrayo Gigger v. State*CORRECTED 11/28/11
4D10-2410-Willie J. Covington v. State*
4D10-2513-Rudy Sunderlin v. State*
4D10-2921-State v. Lawrence B. Houghton, Jr.
4D10-3054-MHB Construction Services v. RM-NA HB Waterway Shoppes
4D10-3363-Millard Seabrooks v. State
4D10-3594-Jimmy Sanders v. State
4D10-3632-Mary Whittingham v. HSBC Bank USACORRECTED 01-05-12
4D10-3895-Delroy Cowan and Heather D. Cowan, a/k/a Heather Cowan v. The Bank of New York Mellon
4D10-4207-William James Demler v. Andrea Theresa Demler, n/k/a Andrea Theresa Patane
4D11-3636-Robin Eustache v. State

*Public Defender Cases
**Cases 4D10-832, 4D10-1159 & 4D10-1848 are consolidated for opinion purposes only