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4D10-983-Robert Hosnedl v. State*
4D11-1059-Joseph Allwine v. State
4D11-4353-Tauris L. Bryant v. State*
4D12-2486-Daniel Hartley v. State*
4D12-3223-Marc Ripps, Sherry Lieberman and Arthur Lieberman v. City of Coconut Creek and Seminole Tribe of Florida, Seminole Properties, II, Inc. and S.T.O.F. Holdings, LTD.
4D13-687-Roger Ally v. Justice Administration Commission
4D13-1049-Travis B. Jackson v. State
4D13-1216-Lerandros L. Smith v. State
4D13-1220-Judith McClure v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.
4D13-1697-International House of Pancakes and Ronald Neilly v. N. Robinson, M. Robinson and A. Robinson
4D13-3000-Richard Morris v. State

*Public Defender Cases