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4D12-1817 and 4D13-1469-Yeinson Torres Hurtado and Viviana Hurtado Escobar v. Nigel Desouza
4D12-4622-Richard Scott v. State*
4D13-1369-Lori A. Ford v. Michael Withers Ford
4D13-1397-Raul Gibson v. State
4D13-1440-Carol Rudolph v. Lauren Richard Rosecan
4D13-3944-R.M.O., a child v. State*
4D14-509-Gary Lieberman v. Karen Lieberman
4D14-2188-Anakarli Boutique, Inc. v. Nahomi Ortiz
4D14-3815-Marvin I. Silver v. State

*Public Defender Cases