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4D05-424-Brown v. State*
4D05-3555-Newby v. State*
4D06-3886-Exantus v. State
4D07-3901-McGee v. State*
4D07-4013-Brown v. State*
4D07-4428-Husky Rose, Inc. v. Allstate Insurance Company
4D08-597-Washington v. State*
4D08-1290-Fina v. Hennarichs
4D08-1853-Miller v. Evergreen Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc.
4D08-1871-Ross v. Ross
4D08-1958-Carter v. Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Prison Health Services
4D08-2756-Rice v. Raymond
4D08-3356-Margaret Liebel f/k/a Margaret Kennedy v. Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida
4D08-3467-Newsome v. State
4D08-3486-Marin v. State
4D08-4022-Coleman (Parent) Holdings, Inc. v. Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.
4D08-4148-Shell v. Foulkes
4D08-4303-Alphonso v. State
4D08-4341-Black v. Kelsey
4D08-4726-Rich v. State*
4D08-4992-Pressey v.  State
4D09-843-Mallard v. State
4D09-969-O’Barry v. Ocean World, S.A.
4D09-1144-New White Linen, Inc. v. Commercial Laundry Equipment Company, Inc.
4D09-2371-Govoni v. State
4D09-3751-Azanza v. Private Funding Group, Inc.

*Public Defender Cases