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4D10-1318-Keith Sirota v. State
4D12-317-Michael Haspel v. State*
4D12-1198-Roberto Solano and Marlene Solano v. State Farm Florida Insurance Company
4D12-1537-Quinten Walden v. State
4D13-1155-Ann Freiday v. OneWest Bank (corrected)
4D13-1194-Yulia Forest Kohl v. Norman Dean Kohl, Jr.
4D13-1758-Ivory Brunson v. State*
4D13-1836-Brian Pinnock v. Nicole Taylor
4D13-3791-Joan Cramer v. State
4D13-4192-Dominique Brice v. State
4D14-14-S.P., by and through her natural guardian R.P. v. Anthony Vecchio and the State of Florida
4D14-1589-Michael Darrin Zill v. State
4D14-2139-Kevin R. Miller v. State

*Public Defender Cases