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4D07-2575-Richards v. State*
4D07-2576-Ward v. State*
4D07-3684-Brown v. State*
4D07-3859-Washington v. State*
4D08-718-O’Neal v. State*
4D08-726-Morency v. State*
4D08-817-Turner v. State*
4D08-1128-Iscovitz v. The School Board of Broward County, Florida
4D08-1526-Mohrle v. State
4D08-1587-Jacobson v. Jacobson
4D08-1821-Brown v. State*
4D08-2284-Williams v. State*
4D08-2312-Oliva v. State
4D08-2513-Zuravlova v. Zelkin
4D08-2753-McGill v. State
4D08-2869-King v. State
4D08-2911-Smith v. State*
4D08-2995-State v. Geller
4D08-3668-Johnson v. State
4D08-3764-Joiner v. State*
4D08-4055-Angelico v. State*
4D08-4689-Newman v. State
4D08-5184-Rivera v. State
4D09-104-Tomac of Florida, Inc. v. Gunn’s Quality Glass & Mirror, Inc.
4D09-138-Francis v. State
4D09-537-Lipschutz v. State

*Public Defender Cases