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4D11-1745-David Ondre Carew v. State*
4D11-2273-Glenn S. Tuhey v. State
4D11-2717-Hahamovitch v. Hahamovitch (corrected 12/26/13)
4D11-3181-Larry Coe v. State*
4D12-318-Calvin Harris v. State
4D12-759-Blaine Panno v. State*
4D12-1387-Jermaine Brown v. State
4D12-3510-Wilford Garner, IV v. State
4D12-3981-Sadrac Isnord v. Laurens Magloire Isnord
4D12-4289-State v. Charles Wright
4D12-4596-Krishen Rambarran and Alda Rambarran v. HSBC Bank USA
4D12-4665-Mario M. Young v. State*
4D13-444-Mark A. Murry v. State
4D13-706-Jocelyn Boyce v. St. Lucie County Property Appraiser and State of Florida, Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission
4D13-2666-Randell Joyner v. State
4D13-2668-Randell Joyner v. State
4D13-2694-David Halper v. State
4D13-2948-Sylvester Hagins v. State

*Public Defender Cases