4D06-2821-P.A.P., the mother v. Department of Children and Families-issued 1-31-07
4D06-4177-K.L., the mother v. Department of Children and Families-issued 2-6-07
4D02-3652-Brown v. State
4D05-1735-Newcome v. State
4D05-2092-Lane v. State*
4D05-3547-Topper v. State*
4D05-3767-Trammell v. State*
4D05-3815-Smith v. State*
4D05-4253-State v. Williams*
4D05-4407-Jacobs v. State*
4D05-4411-Munoz v. State*
4D05-4496-Rodriguez v. State*
4D05-4843-Seneca v. State
4D06-540-Lee v. State*
4D06-1132-Powell v. State*
4D06-1271-Christie v. State*
4D06-1359-Betancourt v. Betancourt
4D06-1581-Gonzalez v. Flamingo Estates Maintenance Association, Inc.
4D06-1613-Brooks v. State*
4D06-1823-E.P., a child v. State*
4D06-1993-Gibbs v. State
4D06-2081-Jordan v. State*
4D06-2389-Rodriguez v. State
4D06-2486-Willis v. State*
4D06-2606-McGee v. State
4D06-3012-T.J.,a child v. State*
4D06-3231-Oliveira v. State
4D06-3467-Marshall v. State
4D06-4245-Gentile v. State
4D06-4311-Rolle v. State
4D06-4465-Martin v. State
4D06-4510-Ingraham v. State
4D06-4777-Williams v. State
4D06-4786-Springer v. State
4D06-4804-Thomas v. State
4D06-4950-Kelly v. State
4D07-93-Bynes v. State
4D07-165-Brown v. State
4D07-204-Range v. State
* Public Defender Cases