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4D14-4113-M.O., a child v. Department of Children And Families-issued-2-9-15 


4D12-1008-Troy Visser and Universal Condominium Insurance, Inc. v. Statewide Commercial Insurance, Inc.
4D12-2888, 4D12-2889 and 4D12-2890-Wilking Sauveur v. State*
4D12-2951, 4D12-2952, 4D12-2953, 4D14-2954 and 4D12-3103-S.D., a child v. State*
4D13-1396-Antraevis Smith v. State*
4D13-1894-Osmond Morris and Denise Morris v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
4D13-1907-Adam Reiser and Julie Reiser v. U.S. Bank National Association
4D13-1950-J.J., a child v. State*
4D13-3233-Linda Davis v. Davco Electrical Contractors Corp. and Garrett Alexander Collins
4D13-3314-Robert Hazen v. Ellen Hazen
4D13-3583-State v. Dwayne Jones v. State*
4D13-3997-Jamelle Smith v. State*
4D13-4094-Diane Haskett and Bryan Fleming v. Thomas Rosati and Florida Department of Environmental Protection
4D13-4518-Cantave Jules v. State*
4D14-75-Marco Cadejuste v. State*
4D14-94-Jeffrey L. Weinstein v. James Edwards, Metals USA Holdings Corporation, C. Lourenco Goncalves, Mathew R. Michelini, Eric L. Press, M. Ali Rashid, John T. Baldwin, Larry K. Powers, Mark A. Slaven, RSAC Aquisition Corporation and Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company
4D14-474-Rodney Taylor Sr. and Linda A. Taylor v. CitiMortgage, Inc.
4D14-529-Russell Leon Matthews v. State
4D14-1008-Bond Safeguard Insurance Company v. St. Lucie County, Florida and Lo Land Assets, LP
4D14-1022-J.H.R., a child v. State*
4D14-1172-Marilyn Babette Block v. State of Florida, Department of Legal Affairs, Bureau of Victim Compensation
4D14-1439-Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. v. Bluesky Greenland Environmental Solutions, LLC
4D14-1725-Dean Millward and Alice Millward v. PHH Mortgage Corporation
4D14-3061-HSBC Bank USA v. Manuel Parra, et al.
4D14-3297-Roger Jamal Horne v. State
4D14-3469-Catherine Thomas Dasliva v. State*4D14-3570-John Fernando Melton v. State*
4D14-3666-Jerry Lee Collazo v. State
4D14-4209-Clifton Bostic v. State
4D14-4306-Dietayvious Taylor v. State

*Public Defender Cases