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4D15-3800-W.L., the Mother v. Department of Children and Families and Guardian Ad Litem Program-issued-2-9-16 (Corrected)
4D15-3832-B.W., the Mother v. Department of Children and Families-issued-
4D15-3840-A.W., the Father v. Department of Children and Families-issued-




4D13-521-Vernon Carey v. State of Florida*
4D13-3082-Domingo Perez v. State of Florida*
4D13-4286-Jhon Toussaint v. State of Florida
4D14-1150-Richard Johnson v. State of Florida
4D14-2258-Jason Weeks v. Town of Palm Beach
4D14-3079-Carlos Torres v. State of Florida
4D14-3156-John J. Tarn v. State of Florida*
4D14-3447-Sylvia Baldini and Lawrence Duprey v. Jem Lending, LLC
4D14-3819-Ramon J. Lucky v. State of Florida*
4D14-3941-Robert Hill v. State of Florida
4D14-4082-Theodore M. Simon and Renee F. Simon v. U.S. Bank National Association, etc., et al.
4D14-4129-Gerald Kleparek v. State of Florida*
4D14-4356, 4D14-4357 and 4D14-4358-A.R., a child v. State of Florida*
4D14-4557-Nina W. Anthoine, Robert N. Anthoine and Nelson Anthoine v. Guardianship of Robert Anthoine
4D14-4723-Barry Hollander and Margaret Hollander v. Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, an individual, Keenan P. Frank, an individual, and Chillemi Enterprises, Inc., a Florida Corporation d/b/a Remax Masters
4D14-4838-Edde Mae Campbell a/k/a Eddye Mae Campbell v. Broward County
4D15-340-Jose Cartagena and Scott Blattman v. Onewest Bank
4D15-1112-Samuel S. Brown v. State of Florida*
4D15-1198-Allen L. Dorsey, Sr., v. Keefe Canteen and Geo Group Inc.
4D15-1199-Allen L. Dorsey, Sr., v. Hon. Donald W. Hafele, Hon. Peter D. Blanc, Hon. Gregory M. Keyser, Hon. Meenu Sasser and Hon. Janis B. Keyser
4D15-1223-Earnest Byrd v. State of Florida
4D15-1296-John F. Still and Lisa Still v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
4D15-1715-Nathaniel Osborne v. State of Florida, Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission
4D15-1926-Tarvis Wilson v. State of Florida
4D15-2482 and 4D15-4098-Patrick Chang v. State of Florida
4D15-2646-Kristina Lawhon Griffis v. State of Florida 

4D15-2916-Grant Cleveland v. State of Florida* (Corrected)
4D15-3242-Itzhak Bak v. Joyce Bak
4D15-3269-Cedric Anthony Lundy v. State of Florida
4D15-3315-Gibson Paul v. State of Florida
4D15-3353-James Robert Frankenberry, Jr., v. State of Florida
4D15-3375-Calvin Montgomery v. State of Florida
4D15-3539-Mac C. Smith v. State of Florida
4D15-3541-Marlon Miguel Brown v. State of Florida
4D15-3546-Thomas E. Helt v. State of Florida
4D15-3561-Raymond Essex v. State of Florida
4D15-3578-David Neverson v. State of Florida
4D15-3589-Eleazar Jimenez-Garcia v. State of Florida
4D15-3690-Dalton Christopher Blount v. State of Florida*
4D16-338-Kristina M. Lawhon-Girffis v. State of Florida


*Public Defender Cases