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4D10-2722-H.L., the Father and V.J., the Mother v. Department of Children and Families-issued-1-24-11


4D09-109-Monroe v. Otto Industries, Inc.
4D09-1944-Davis v. State*
4D09-2099-State v. Pressley
4D09-2353-Collins v. State
4D09-2380-Chanin v. Paco Assurance Company, Inc.
4D09-2487-Palmer v. State
4D09-2633-Goldsmith v. State*
4D09-2777-Sneed v. State
4D09-2817-Jones v. State*
4D09-3072-Jackson v. State
4D09-3092-Hyacinthe v. State
4D09-3211-Gunn v. State
4D09-3723-Boddie v. State
4D09-3994-Johnson v. State
4D09-4838-Harris v. State*
4D09-4868-Blackmon v. Cypress Capital Group, Inc.
4D09-4881-Gordon v. State
4D09-4907-Hudson v. State
4D09-5340-Fehringer v. State
4D10-23-Ortiz v. Tsigonia Family Trust
4D10-156-McFadden v. State
4D10-568-Wyatt v. State
4D10-584-Lafavors v. State
4D10-595-Harris v. State
4D10-678-Lafavors v. State
4D10-745-Mata v. Unemployment Appeals Commission
4D10-853-Bailey v. State
4D10-1005-Patterson v. State
4D10-1316-Nowell v. State
4D10-1323-Cutts v. State
4D10-1351-Ayers v. State
4D10-1468-Proctor v. State
4D10-1642-Ceaser v. State
4D10-1740-The Bank of New York, Inc. v. Triple P Real Estate, Inc.
4D10-2029-Chambliss v. State
4D10-2150-Cancia v. State
4D10-3361-Boddie v. State

*Public Defender Cases