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4D12-2928-A.C., the Mother v. Department of Children And Families-


4D10-94-William C. Graham v. State*
4D10-3756-John Willis Fredell v. State
4D10-3876-Luis Montanez v. State
4D10-3984-Julia Couper Leo v. Brian Leo
4D11-426-Lawrence Johnson v. State*
4D11-1223-Lueagie Ranaldo Phillips v. State*
4D11-1320-Craig Green v. State

4D11-1337-Michael Watts v. State
4D11-1371-Raukeem Jamale Arnold v. State*
4D11-1538-William Vincent Meredith v. State
4D11-1765-Richard R. Benda v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
4D11-2112-Christopher Rudolph Brown v. State*
4D11-2162-Matthew J. Stetson v. US Bank National Association
4D11-2398-Miracle Marketplace, LLC v. Ron Kendall
4D11-2864-Veronica Lavern Miles v. State*
4D11-2878-Dwight E. Johnson v. State*
4D11-3008-The Sterling Villages of Palm Beach Lakes Condominium Association, Inc. v. The Bank of New York
4D11-3045-William Bethel v. Indian River County
4D11-3120-Oscar Parks v. State
4D11-4114-Michael Brown v. State
4D11-4348-Bryan Andrew Dunn v. State
4D11-4401-John Andre Thomas v. State of Florida, Department of Financial Services
4D11-4407-613 N.E. 4th Street, LLC v. First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company
4D12-509-Paul Davis v. State*
4D12-827-Lynn Hamlet v. State
4D12-831-Larry Runge v. State
4D12-882-James Ford v. State
4D12-889-Emanuel L. O’Neal v. State
4D12-929-Terry Davis Williams v. State*
4D12-1065-Stanley Winchester v. State
4D12-1070-William Vann Mobley v. State
4D12-1304-Cecil Collins v. State
4D12-1305-Gary Malone v. State
4D12-1627-William John McKernan v. State
4D12-1756-Elvestre Toussaint v. State
4D12-2139-Steven L. Burns v. State
4D12-2403-Frances Martinez Mally v. Arthur Mark Mally

*Public Defender Cases