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4D12-2900-R.D.G., the Father and S.L., the Mother v. Florida Department of Children And Family Services-issued-1-7-13




4D10-4781-David Gonzalez v. State
4D11-1545-Fredrika Bejacmar v. State
4D11-2560-Jeffrey R. Hastings v. State
4D11-3311-Joseph Michael Merritt v. State*
4D11-3350-Evangaline Johnson and Martin Johnson v. U.S. Bank National Association
4D11-4218-Ervin E. Combs v. State
4D11-4321-Anthony Motley v. State
4D11-4534-Lamont McCree v. State
4D12-108-Pedler Felix v. State*
4D12-431-Robert Mainguy and Susan Mainguy v. Calvary Chapel Church, Inc. and John Chinelly
4D12-492-Curtis Samuel Nettles v. State*
4D12-511-A.J.G., a child v. State*
4D12-536-Steven Adelstein a/k/a Steve Adelstein v. Kondaur Capital
4D12-624-Lanny Charles Domino v. State*
4D12-656-Bobby Lee Torrence v. State*
4D12-828-Joseph Finch v. State
4D12-872-Ronald Samuels v. State
4D12-1090-Gregory Cameron v. State
4D12-1132-Samara L. Seward v. State*
4D12-1758-Deborah Rolle v. State
4D12-1796-Kenneth Patterson v. State
4D12-1906-Derrick Cooper v. State
4D12-1915-Roy O. Daniels v. State
4D12-2148-Byron Wright, Jr. v. State

*Public Defender Cases