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4D11-2979-James Roundtree v. State of Florida*
4D12-1250-Dave Watson v. State*
4D12-3327-Cody Dimattei v. State*
4D12-3768-Roger M. Shaw and Brigitte Shaw v. The Bank of New York Mellon
4D12-4578-Bobby Dale Walters v. State*
4D13-843-Gregory Philyaw v. State*
4D13-1052-Edgar Wilson v. State
4D13-1461-Dennis M. Simmons v. State
4D13-1921-Valentin Gamez v. State*
4D13-1937-Malik Guest v. State*
4D13-2373-James Shorey v. State*
4D13-2415-Claude Bell v. State
4D13-2699-Capems Francois v. State
4D13-2725-Juan Meras v. State
4D13-2742-Jerral Wilson v. State
4D13-2777-K.H., a child v. State*
4D13-2982-Michael T. Jaworski v. State
4D13-3177-Shannon Vinson v. State
4D13-3179-Kenneth Gonzalez v. State
4D13-4599-Damian King v. State

*Public Defender Cases