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4D12-1161-David Julien v. State*
4D12-1162-David Julien v. State*
4D12-1234-Randall Pechler v. State*
4D12-1248-Robert Hildred Miller v. State*
4D12-1972-Eugene Mathews v. State*
4D12-2416-32 Lake Osborne v. Capital One Bank
4D12-2433-Roosevelt Miller v. State*
4D12-2875-M.S.-J., a child v. State*
4D12-2941-Todd Sheppard a/k/a Todd M. Sheppard and Carol Sheppard v. Bank of New York
4D12-3237-Jimmie Lee Williams v. State*
4D12-3513-Vincenzo Puma v. State
4D12-3816-C.A., a child v. State
4D12-4047-Calvin Gorham v. State
4D12-4453-James Paul Christian v. Christina Anne Christian
4D12-4454-Total Tax Lien Searches v. Federal National Mortgage Association
4D13-13-William Discipio v. The Town Of Southwest Ranches and Jeff Nelson
4D13-1268-Aarow Power Boats v. Spectre Power Boats
4D13-2004-Darwin McNish v. State*
4D13-2771-Joseph A. Steffen v. State
4D13-2773-Larry Williams v. Stae
4D13-2828-Karl Lee Thompson v. State
4D13-3054-Thomas Jadotte v. State
4D13-3222-Miakkar L. Brown v. State

*Public Defender Cases