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4D14-3120-E.R., a minor child v. J.R.P., the Father and Department of Children And Families-issued-1-16-15



4D12-3135-Gary Richard McGriff v. State*
4D13-746-Jeffrey H. Fisher v. The Benenson Capital Company, LLC and Rofar Realty Company, Inc.
4D13-829-Pamela Braswell v. State*
4D13-1616-Laura Ciccone v. State*
4D13-2370-Leah Vitrano v. Florida Power & Light Company
4D13-2377-Joseph Lents and Cheryl Lents v. Select Portfolio Services
4D13-2440-Wiliam D. Jempty and Leonita Jempty v. Pennymac, Inc.
4D13-2526-Ricardo Benson Narcisse v. State (corrected)
4D13-2731-Christine St. John v. Sunsport Gardens, Inc.
4D13-2812-Jeremy M. Carter v. State
4D13-2890-Mark R. Gillanders and Jeannie A. Gillanders v. Bank of America
4D13-3168-Shirley J. Barber a/k/a Shirley Barber v. Deutsche Bank
4D13-3315-Coral Springs Townhomes II Condominium Association, Inc. v. Federal National Mortgage Association
4D13-3696-Jeremy Smith v. State
4D13-3844-Peter Murray v. Ganna Gil
4D13-4491-Copans Motors, Inc., d/b/a Champion Porsche and d/b/a Champion Motors v. Shane D. Mattaway
4D13-4570-Keith Mark Gagnon v. Clifford Fortner and Alethia Fortner
4D13-4738-Broward Citizens for a Strong Judiciary v. Florida Elections Commission
4D13-4770-Abdur Rahan Black v. State*
4D14-889-Dudley Kinlock v. UBS Warburg Real Estate Securities, Inc., Andrea Murray, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., and Signature Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.
4D14-2150-Billy Parfait v. State*
4D14-2158-Tremaine Johnson v. State*
4D14-3101-Richard Cleveland Glinton v. State
4D14-3165-Erin Atac v. State
4D14-3451-Jimmy Reeves v. State
4D14-3628-Rene Fidel Diego v. State
4D14-4303-Wesley Dorcelus v. State

*Public Defender Cases